Game Design and Planning

Our Game Design and Planning development department is working day in day out to design state of the art and market leading applications.

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Game Development

Our App development department is working day in day out to develop state of the art and market leading applications.

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Project Management

Our diligent Project Managers are making it sure the project is delivered in time and is upto the highest market standards.

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2D/3D Game Art

Our Artists are creative to the core and our games are a proof of them. They are best in the town as far as their expertise are concerned..

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Graphic Designing

Our Graphic designers are a blend of creativity, innovation and research and they apply it to every project that we undertake.

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UI/UX Engineering

Our UI/UX Engineers make sure to give user a termendous experience and create market leading user interfaces with which users love to interract.

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Human resources

Our Human Resource department is there to make sure every Employee is given the best possible environment and facilities where he can prosper professionally.

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Accounts & Finance

Our Accounts and Finance departments is making it sure that all financial transaction are carried out smoothly and every employee is free of financial pressure.

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Our Administration department is making sure all other departments are provided with all facilities and that administrative tasks are performed smoothly.

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Hard work


Good luck


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Either Do it with Passion or never do it

We are obsessed over organizational culture, because we strongly believe that it’s not only the foundation of our future accomplishments & innovations, but it also inspires the whole team to pursue our vision with more power & integrity.For us, a great & positive organizational culture based on strong core values is the key to the magnificent transformation of every newcomer into a “Spartan” & developing the best, amazingly talented & a contented team possible.

The HR Department runs our business by making policies helpful in nurturing a creative & productive environment.

We make sure the distinction does not go un-noticed so we regularly regard our family members with bonuses and awards to keep their morale high.

"You are not old util you stop learning", this belief pave our way to uphold an environment having team coordination and continous learning.